Interior / Exterior photos

No limit on number of edited photos, includes amenity photos. Editing includes straightening, sky replacement, flames in fireplaces, amenity photos.

Prices based on under air square footage.
Add aerials for $95 (includes complementary virtual video tour and email blast).

Call or text Jim at 561-662-5865 for custom pricing for properties larger than 5,500 SF.

Aerial Photos

See your listing from a perspective only available from higher altitudes. Recommended for large lots, pool homes, ocean / river / lake views, properties with horse facilities, or any property that has amenities that are not seen from ground level.

With purchase of interior / exterior services:

Includes complementary virtual video tour and email blast to SCAR realtors.

Aerials without any other services:

Twilight Photos

Onsite evening photography or virtual twilight photos (daytime images, digitally enhanced).

(normal order – 1 photo)

Onsite photography during evening hours:

Zillow 3D Home Tour & interactive floor plan

Click through every room, spin around and get a 360-degree view of the space. Interactive floor plans allow the user to click on dots within the floor plan to navigate to each room and get a 360-degree view or a still view of the room from where the camera was positioned.

Zillow 3D Home Tour (without interactive floor plan)

Zillow 3D Home Tour (with interactive floor plan)

Video Tours

Video Tours, created to give the prospective buyer a full view of the property while doing a walkthrough. Reels / short videos to provide you additional social media marketing.

Instagram reels / Facebook shorts (20 to 60 seconds)

Full walkthrough video

Starts at $80 with other services and $130 without other services.

2D Floor Plans

2D floor plans showing fixed furniture (counters/vanities/bathtubs, etc.)

Virtual Staging

Takes the guess out of what size furniture fits in a room. (Photo may include more than one room, example family room /dining room)

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Bronze Package

Interior & Exterior


SQ FT (guideline)

Up to 3,000

Edits in PhotoShop / Lightroom


Sky Replacement (if needed)

All photos

Finished photos (approx. but no limit)


Condo Amenities Photos



1-2 Business Days

Delivery method

DropBox link

Aerial photos with Interior package


Bundled price for interior/exterior/aerials